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Over the years Troop ONE has created a number of unit-level awards given to our members

This award cannot be earned, but is instead given to the scout who has consistently gone above and beyond what it means to be scout in this troop. The awardee is chosen unanimously by those who have earned it in the years prior

Date AwardedScout NameYear
9/26/2023Noah A2023
9/27/2022Casey Boyd2022
8/03/2021Nikky R2020
9/22/2020Thomas Angle2019
7/17/2019Joe Stock2018
7/18/2018Karl B2017
7/19/2017Josh Parisi2016
7/20/2016Ian Doucet2015
7/18/2015Brendan Slazinski2014
7/16/2014Colin Fricker2013
7/17/2013Jeremy Gensel2012
7/18/2012James Parisi2011
7/20/2011Josh Mansfield2010
7/21/2010Henry Gunther2009
7/22/2009Nick Weiner2008
7/16/2008Brian Weiner2007
Taylor Weida
7/18/2007Sean Cutright2006
7/19/2006Dillon Bonine2005
7/20/2005Brian Kostura2004
7/21/2004Evan Perry2003
7/16/2003Dugan Bonine200
7/17/2002Eric Magnus2001
7/18/2001Aaron Francis2000
7/19/2000Sean Connely1999
Sean Smith
7/14/1999Ben Richards1998
7/14/1998Nathan Jenkins1997
10/14/1997Ian Dick1996
12/31/1995Jason Deppish1994
12/31/1994John Myers1993
rankScout’s nameNumber of Merit Badges EarnedDate of Last MB
1Jonathan Michaels477/24/2015
2John Myers411/13/1999
3Sean Smith397/20/2001
3James Parisi393/22/2015
3Charlie Nave398/28/22
6Nicholas Martin377/30/2010
7Alan Rubinstein366/18/2003
7Rob Culp365/30/2009
7Tommy Martin3612/23/2013
10Victor Vogt347/22/2016
11Nathan Jenkins331/22/2003
12Dominic Muscilli327/19/2013
13Josh Parisi316/27//2017
14Jacob Waller307/24/2015
15Ryan Preisse289/1/2002
16Eric Seto2710/18/1994
16Jason Deppisch276/25/1998
16Eric Magnus271/22/2003
16Alex Heard277/24/2015
16Michael Jorgenson275/6/2017
21Colin Fricker267/11/2016
21Michael Gunther2611/19/2015
23Jacob Murray2510/25/2016

Troop ONE Honor Awards


A “Manatoc Instructor”

  • Shows scout spirit that consistently reaches the highest plateau of scouting expectations

  • Has sacrificed his own time and offered his effort in order to help his fellow scouts learn and advance, often at the detriment of his own advancement and pleasure

  • Has achieved a high rank and position of authority in the troop

  • Represents the type of scout that can always be counted on to assist others at all times

  • Has Scoutmaster approval

This is an honor for the youth members of Troop One and not an earned award and is given as recognition for scouting effort as described above.  This honor is signified by a distinctive patch. Each scout may receive only one patch.  In the case the scout ever behaves in a way unworthy of this high honor the Scoutmaster may withdraw the honor and reclaim the patch.

The appropriate location of presentation of the honor is at the Butler Memorial at the Manatoc Scout Reservation.  

Honored Scout Date of presentation
Gunner G7/21/2023
John C7/22/2022
Noah A.
Nico T.7/22/2022
Nikky R.7/23/2021
Casey B.7/24/2020
Andrew Kello7/24/2020
Eric L7/24/2020
Thomas Angle7/19/2019
Karl B.7/19/2019
Charlie N.7/19/2019
Joe Stock7/19/2019
Riley Gensel7/20/2018
Johnathan BenPorath7/21/2017
Dylan Biggs7/21/2017
Jared Borodkin7/21/2017
Ian Doucet7/22/2016
James Hrubik7/22/2016
Tyler Kimmins7/22/2016
Trevor McCune7/22/2016
Jake Thoman7/22/2016
Victor Vogt7/24/2015
Jon Michaels7/24/2015
Josh Parisi7/18/2014
Jacob Murray7/18/2014
Michael Gunther7/18/2014
Brendan Slazinski7/19/2013
Colin Fricker7/19/2013
Tommy Searle7/19/2013
James Parisi7/20/2012
Jeremy Gensel7/20/2012
Dominic Musilli7/20/2012
Mike Newcomb7/22/2011
Sam Hyde7/22/2011
Gabe Hunt7/23/2010
Josh Mansfield7/23/2010
Andy Brooks2/28/2010
Nick Martin2/28/2010
Taylor Weida2/28/2010
Henry Gunther7/25/2009
Sean Cody7/25/2009
Ben Wilson7/18/2008
Nick Weiner7/18/2008
Wes Ayres7/18/2008
Nick Critchfield7/20/2007
Ryan Critchfield7/20/2007
Sean Cutright7/20/2007
Alex Darkow2/25/2007
Michael Kudlac7/21/2006
Rob Culp7/21/2006
Dillon Bonine7/21/2006
Brian Weiner7/22/2005
Adam Darkow7/23/2004
Matt Newcomb7/18/2003
Evan Perry7/18/2003
Karl Vorndran7/18//2003
Dugan Bonine5/3/2003
Nathan Jenkins7/19/2002
Eric Magnus7/19/2002
Ryan Preisse7/19/2002
Andrew Handa7/19/2002
Brian Kostura7/19/2002
Tim Poorman7/19/2002
Stephen Poorman7/19/2002