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The Staff

Special Patrol

Noah AStarSenior Patrol Leader
Karl BStarAssistant SPL
Gavin DFirst ClassASPL-V

Flaming Arrow

New Patrol

Roman DScout
Gideon JScoutNew APL
Bash NScoutnew-P Cheermaster
Jack SFirst ClassTroop Guide
Gunner GScout
John CScoutNew Pl


Experienced Patrol

Finley LQm #2
Conor CScribe
David B
Lucas B
Tanner K
Gavin D
Tommy G
Sam G
Nicholas N
John-Paul PQM #3
Jack S


Venture Patrol

Noah APatrol Leader
Jacob C
Karl BBugler
Nicholas BQM 1
Matthew GChaplain’s Aide
James HJunior Asst Scoutmaster
Jack J
Nathan K
Charlie NInstructor
Camron RP cheermaster
Andrew SScribe 2
Joe SOutdoor Ethics Guide
Thomas AOA Troop Rep
Andrew KHistorian
Nico TRoving Troop Guide


Special Patrol


Not a patrol at all, but rather the name for the group of adults that have fun and support our youth while on campouts.

Can’t be bought, only given out by “the secret star chamber”