Boy Scout Troop One is chartered to First Baptist Church, 1670 Shatto Avenue, Akron, OH 44313 (map)
in the Old Portage District of the Great Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America

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Eagles since 1995
Soren, Eric, Brian, Justin, Ben, Ryan, John, Brian, Sean, Ian, Patrick, Alan, Sean, Colin, Aaron, Nathan, Peter, Andrew, Eric, and Matt, Kevin, Stephen, Stephen, Scott, Brian, Adam, Dugan, Rob, Tom, Ryan, Alex, Nickolas, Michael, Taylor, Vincent, Andy, Tommy, Josh, Sam, Dominic, Gabe, Connor, James, Banno, Michael, Henry, Jon, Colin, Brendan, Corbin, Jeremy, Sammy, Jacob, Thomas
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Known Eagles before 1995
Charles Carroll ’33,J. Denison Seymour ’33,John Lewis ’36,John Rector ’40,Fred Woodruff ’50, Mark Vanderveen ’73, Michael Schnetzer ’76,Emmanual Zandoudakis ’76,Ted D. Stux ’78,Donald R. Allcorn ’80, Steven E. Davis ’80, William H. Oldfield ’80, Anthony J. Mako ’81, Geoff W. Smith ’84, Christopher Foust ’85


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