Boy Scout Troop One is chartered to First Baptist Church, 1670 Shatto Avenue, Akron, OH 44313 (map)
in the Old Portage District of the Great Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America

The Staff

Dawson B. - SPL

Wesley B. - ASPL
Johnathan B. - ASPL-Experienced
Michael J. - ASPL-Venture
James H. - Senior TG & ASPL- New
Dylan B. - JASM
Ian D. - JASM
(4 Star, 1 Life, 2 Eagle)


48 Scouts
11 New/First Year Scouts (1 patrol)
19 Experienced Scouts (2 patrols)
18 Venture and Staff (2 patrols)
Flaming Arrows (new patrol)

Gear Color: 
Emman A.
David B.
Aaron B.
Hunter C.
Jack D. - new PL
Wolfgang G.
Nick B. - Troop Guide
Anders H.
Jack J.
Eric L. - new APL
Niklas R.

5 Scout class scout
2 Tenderfoot class scout
1 First class scout


Gear Color: 
Thomas A.
Casey B. - PL
Karl B. - APL
Matthew G.
Tanner K. - PL
Nathan K.
Charlie N.
Joey R.
Andrew S.
Brayden S.
Joe S.
Jordan S.


2 Scout class scouts
6 Tenderfoot class scouts
2 Second class scouts
1 First class scout
1 Star class scout


Gear Color: 
Nathan H.
Andrew K. - APL
Ryan K. - PL
Zayviare M.
Thomas M.
Camron R.


1 Scout Class Scouts
1 Tenderfoot Class Scouts
2 Second Class Scout
2 First Class Scout
Ravens (Venture)

Gear Color: 
Jared B
Dylan B.
Matt C.
Riley G. - PL
Mike G.
Aidan H
Zane K.
Jacob M.
Jake P.
Victor V.
Charlie W.

1 Second Class Scout
3 First Class Scouts
3 Star Class Scouts
2 Life Class Scouts
2 Eagle Class Scouts

Gear Color: Brown
not a youth patrol

not a patrol at all, but a name for our group of adults that have fun and provide support on campouts. 

Can't buy this, have to earn it.
JAVA "Patrol"

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