Boy Scout Troop One is chartered to First Baptist Church, 1670 Shatto Avenue, Akron, OH 44313 (map)
in the Old Portage District of the Great Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America

Scoutmaster Joseph W. Bragg

Joseph W. Bragg, Scoutmaster Troop 91
Mount Hope WV

"Always there and always in uniform."

"Always there and always in uniform" was the theme of my Scout Sunday Talk on October 17.  A simple, but effective, way of expressing the dedication of all of the Troop and Crew Scouters in attendance with whom the youth of our community succeed.

The Summit: Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve
The Boy Scouts of America New High Adventure Base
And Boy Scouting in Mount Hope WV

Akron, OH -- I am Steven Myers, and grew up within sight of what is now to be BSA's newest high adventure base.  I am a scoutmaster and crew associate advisor that learned to take on leadership after making my lifetime committment to scouting with my scoutmaster over 40 years ago.  I received my Eagle in 1968 from Scoutmaster Joseph W. Bragg in Troop 91 Mount Hope, WV (of the Buckskin Council). The legacy he left cannot be underestimated.  To him and all passed Scoutmasters who have gone home we pray we can have the influence on our world that they have had.

I can only imagine how proud Mr. Bragg would be, watching The Bechtel Summit being built accross the by-pass. 
I have an interest in this base because it is being built in my home town Mount Hope, Fayette County, West Virginia.  This page is partly to highlight my beloved home town and troop and partly to show my debt to my scoutmaster for the legacy he left me.  I will be improving this page from time to time, so check back often.   And yes I can speak on the SBR at the drop of a hat.  Just contact me at (my professional web site is here where you can find links to my Facebook and Twitter and more).

Scouting Together (our personal blog)

Troop One and Crew 2001 (Akron) attend Jamboree 2013 in large numbers.
We have 16 youth and 3 adult leaders attending as part of the Great Trail Council contingent. Mr. Myers is scoutmaster of Troop B326 and Mrs. Myers is Advisor of group B of Crew F610.  We also have a few Jamboree staff members attending as well.

Awesome Video Update on progress at the Summit

Mount Hope to hold huge scouting memorbilia Trade-O-Ree
Coming July 13-21, 2013 and held next to the National Scout Jamboree, the Mount Hope Trade-O-Ree will be the ultimate Scouting Memorabilia show of the summer!
(Facebook page)
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Listen to my former SPL and current mayor of Mount Hope Michael Martin discuss the Summit and the Trade-O-Ree.
Progress of Summit offered at Raleigh County meeting
"{In 2014, the Summit will host a Pilot Adventure Program for 5,000 Scouts.... Hartley said once the new technology is in place, there will be 2.5 times as much bandwidth than the city of Charleston.  (read the atricle)

The 2012 Summit Shakedown is history and we had a ball being there.
Check out our slideshow of pictures.
We were Venturing Patrol D in Crew 331 and were combined with two Venturing Patrols from Winchester VA and one from Lawrence KS.

Register for the 2013 National Jamboree
Stay in touch with what is going on at SBR and the Jamboree News by the Official Summit Blog.

The Summit Bechtel Reserve
Boy Scout Troop One visits SBR June 2011
  • click for a larger picture
troop One at SBR June 2011
Boy Scout Troop One visits with Mount Hope Mayor Michael Martin June 2011
  • click for a larger picture
  • Current SPL presents Mayor Martin a "troop One Friend" Patch
  • Martin was former SPL of Troop 91, Mount Hope, WV

Troop One Akron meets with Mount Hope Mayor Michael Martin
Mount Hope Boy Scouts July 4, 1929
July 4, 1929

2013 Jamboree FAQ click here for information on how the 2013 Jamboree will be different and better!
  • Also posted at:

SBR Launches webpage, Feb 9, 2011

I gave a talk that day on SBR that you can find on the
The Summit Bechtel Reserve
Go to
  • Adventure and Excitement at The Summit
  • 2013 Jamboree Registration (coming soon May 2011?? See qualifications for attending)
  • Patrol Z  (be a multimedia web-savy member of the crew -- apply by March 1 -- be an insider)
  • Shape the Summit - Log on to answer survey questions about what you want at the Summit.  You can win BIG!
jump to the links below including The Summit's Facebook link, Twitter, document links, and more.
Meet the folks behing the SBR's marketing successes Weld the Web supports SBR "Welding Scouts' future: Oak Hill start-up promotes Fayette Jamboree project" Sunday Gazette-Mail, Feb 19, 2011
Join the discussion at
An UNOFFICIAL Jamboree Site that is Keeping the Jambo Alive and Planning for July 15-24, 2013
The Order of the Arrow to build trails in the New River Gorge
SummitCorps will bring 2000 scouts to build a trail system near The Bechtel Summit.
The World Jamboree Comes to The Summit in 2019! The World's coming to Glen Jean. The Fayette Tribune, January 18, 2011
 North American Scout Associations to Host 24th World Scout Jamboree PR Newswire, January 13, 2011
VenturingVenturers to be included at the 2013 Jamboree at The Summit

View the Adventures in Service Videos as Crews 32 & 44  work and play at the Summit in 2010.
Bonus View
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
The Boy Scouts of America Push Adventure to the Next Level

Groundbreaking at SBR October 22, 2010
The Summit

BSA Press release with pictures

Boy Scouts Break Ground on New Reserve, WVNS-TV

Boy Scouts of America, New Donors and Jamboree Dates Announced, Register-Herald

Total Contributions to The Summit reach $100 million, Cracker Barrel

View my pictures of the groundbreaking.

(all pics in this section by Steven Myers)
Jamboree construction starts in Fayette 
Read the full story in the Sunday Gazette-Mail.

Bob Mazzuca, Chief Scout Executive

The Chief Speaks -- Want to go?

Who: Robert Mazzuca, chief scout executive Boy Scouts of America

Where: The Clay Center, Maier Foundation Performance Hall

When: 7 p.m., Thursday October 21, 2010

For more information, call 304-340-3663

sponosor: Buckskin Council, 2829 Kanawha Blvd E. Charleston WV 25311 (see their Facebook page)

By Eric Eyre

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The Boy Scouts of America has awarded more than $20 million in contracts -- mostly to West Virginia companies -- for the construction of a National Jamboree Center in Fayette County, a scout executive said last week.

Bob Mazzuca, the Boy Scouts' top leader, said contractors have cleared timber and graded roads on the 10,600-acre property atop Garden Ground Mountain near Glen Jean. The site will be the future home of the Jamboree Center, a high-adventure base, summer camp, museum and leadership center.  (more)

Copied without permission.
New River Gorge Regional Development Authority Reaching the Summit 2013: Trinity Works Update
There is a great deal of interest revolving around what might be happening on site at The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in the New River Gorge Region.  As fits so well in Fayette County, it is all about planning.  Since the announcement in November of last year, most of the activity at The Summit has revolved around planning for the permanent home of the National Jamboree.  As proof of the extraordinary amount of planning already underway, consider the following list of contracts awarded to date for the project: (read more)

Links to The Bechtel Summit

Scribd for maps of the summit (see below as well)
YouTube for videos (see below as well)
Twitter  (Bechtel Summit)
Facebook The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve
Bryan on Scouting (The Bechtel Summit) blog posts
New River Gorge Regional Development Authority (new site under preparation, I will repair this as soon as I know)
Here is a video about Stephen Bechtel at
July 21, 2010

Located amongst world class white water rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking and more, The Bechtel Summit sits on more than 10,000 acres adjacent to the New River Gorge, West Virginia. This facility will be the newest High Adventureā„¢ Base as well as the permanent home to Scouting's National Jamboree.

Join the discussion on shaping The Bechtel Summit at

Links to the Area

The Historic Mount Hope (Cyclopedia)
Mount Hope (Wikipedia)
City of Mount Hope (official website)
Glen Jean (Wikipedia)
Thurmond (Wikipedia)
Prince (Cyclopedia)
The New River WV
From 2009_1203_The_Summit_Mount_Hope_WV

Did you know that the land that is to be The Bechtel Summit was a land grant in 1785 and found its way to Thomas G McKell as a wedding present when he married Jean Dun? (That is the Jean in Glen Jean and the Dun in the Dun Glen Inn across from Thurmond. After his son William McKell passed the land was sold to the New River Coal Company whose headquarters today in Mount Hope is now occupied by Trintyworks who are building The Bechtel Summit.  Trintyworks is at 411 Main St., Mount Hope, WV 25880 just a few houses from my boyhood home at 402 Main St.  The building also houses the Thomas W. Howard company.


A Presentation I did to present at district roundtables and anywhere they want me to talk.  A more updated presentation is at NationalJambo.or on my slideshare site.
On January 17, 2010 Steve McGowan, lead volunteer in bringing the BSA to Mount Hope, and now part of the 2013  Development Team, speaks to the Great Trail Council Wood Badge Dinner.
Things I learned at the WB Banquet about The Summit that I did not know:
(1) Parking is off site at three locations with shuttles running all the time.
(2) One location is the Beckley Airport that can land chartered 757 aircraft (who knew)
(3) The Jamboree 2013 site will be highly centralized and more like a theme park than ever before with a 80,000 seat (did I hear right?) arena with 6,000 permanent seats, and a front door at Glen Jean.
(4) World class experts on theme park building, BMX motocross...etc will be used to build The Summit.
(5) That mine reclamation will be paid by the Feds and they will leave about 9 million dollars of roadway behind, with three major entrances.
(6) That the rail spur (formerly the KGJ&E) that I worked on as a youth was removed about 15 years ago.
(7) The OA will be building trail throughout the New River National River George ala Service Corp5.
(8) The OA national HQ will be what ever they make of it.
(9) That the Summit National Summer Camp program begins in 2014
(10) That a world class leadership center will be included to compliment PTC, not to replace it.
(11) That I miss WV-- you can take the boy out of WV, but can't take WV out of the boy.
(12) How proud I felt knowing 200+ of my friends in scouting were all looking at beautiful pictures of WV, taken so near my home town of WV, and that Steve McGowan let them all know they needed to know the words to "Take me home, country roads..."

Project Arrow is the national committee that let the team to pick the new site for the Jamboree, A Summer Camp, A High Adventure base, a Leadership Center and more.  

The Summit is being built on the Garden Grounds near Mount Hope to the west and Glen Jean and Thurmond to the north and Prince to the south. I toured part of the Garden Grounds on Thursday December 3, 2009 and took these pictures.  some of the links below also offer pictures.  

A few stories on The Summit:
Sunday Gazette-Mail, October 16, 2010
Jamboree construction starts in Fayette county.  
Register Herald,  July 29, 2010
The 4-C Economic Development Agency has changed its name to the New River Gorge Regional Development Authority.

Register Herald, July 29, 2009
Press Release, Nov. 18, 2009
Metro News, Nov. 18, 2009
The State Journal, Dec. 10, 2009

BSA Fact Sheet
BSA Social Media Release
BSA 7.5 Mb pdf  detailed map of  The Summit with camps and program areas. Wow!
Google Maps (The Summit) (Garden Ground Mountain)

Leaving A Legacy

I was proud to be a part of Troop 91 Mount Hope WV sponsored by the Lions Club.  My Scoutmaster Joe Bragg was a tremedous influence in my life and I credit the hundreds of scouts who have been in Troop One Akron as part of the legacy that Joe Bragg has left.  It is my legacy to see that his legacy lives on.  One way this lives on is through the Eagles and other honored scouts of Troop One and the volunteers that make Troop One able to help build those future leaders.  

Many volunteers have left a legacy I can never match including their effect on me.  Houston Morgan is one such man.


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