Boy Scout Troop One is chartered to First Baptist Church, 1670 Shatto Avenue, Akron, OH 44313 (map)
in the Old Portage District of the Great Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America

Troop One Goals for the 2016-2017 Program Year

Discussed at the PLC Annual Planning Conference August 21, 2016 (Jonathan BenPorath, SPL) and to be confirmed at the ILST September 24, 2016 (_____________, SPL)

Our goals are divided into three categories

Performance Goals

1.   100% Boys get Boys Life subscriptions. (,

2.   Earn again the Manatoc Retreat Flag at Summer Camp, ideally on the first night. (Troop One Summer Camp WebPage)

3.   At least 90% of active and available scouts go to summer camp.  (Troop One Patrol List)

4.   Scouts from 8/1/2016 to 7/31/2017 will accumulate 400 nights of weekend camping. 

5.   Earn the Journey to Excellence Award at the Gold Level


6.    Earn the BSA National Outdoor Challenge Award by the end of December of each year and secure the ribbon.

7.    We will also track progress to the National Outdoor Badges.

8.    50% of the active troop members have first aid merit badge by September of the following year, 50% are CPR certified, and at least 5 % of the Venture Scouts will complete Wilderness and Remote first Aid training.

9.    At ILSTs and PLCs encourage patrol leaders to pursue the National Honor Patrol Award.


b.    Application form

Program Goals

10.    Provide a program that will allow all currently registered scouts be First Class or higher within the first year.

11. Provide a program for all First Class Scouts to allow them to enhance their scouting skills, hold their interest and provide for fun at troop meetings based in part on the Boy Scout Fieldbook.  Encourage all scouts First Class and over to purchase the Fieldbook.


12.  Each monthly PLC planning meeting will use these goals in their planning and assess the number of goals completed.

13. Provide a variety of scheduled games and activities at meetings.  Have them tied to the monthly program feature at least once a month.

14. The program at camp is most often tied to the monthly feature. We will program camps differently for new, experienced, and venture scouts when appropriate.

15. Once each quarter the Troop program will include activities that reinforce the Scout skills learned in the Scout through First Class rank requirements.

16. Maintain a Troop principle of Outdoor Ethics in  all activities and provide training in Leave no Trace, Tread Lightly,  and Land Ethics.

17. Hold at least one gear day per quarter.

Service Goals

18. Do at least seven service projects in the coming year.   At least one of these service projects will benefit First Baptist Church and at least one will be on a troop campout and at least one will be Conservation based. At least one of these service projects will qualify for a Messenger of Peace Award.

a. Scouts use the Service hours reporting form:

b. Messenger of Peace Service Project:

19. Encourage Order of the Arrow awareness among Scouts and participation in OA activities by OA members and have the Troop OA representative hold monthly OA meetings for 10 minutes after  the troop meeting on the fourth Tuesday of each month.


20. Support the Cub Scout packs by offering assistance for at least two events and supplying den chiefs to the packs.

21. Offer Webelos opportunities to attend with troop when practical.