Boy Scout Troop One is chartered to First Baptist Church, 1670 Shatto Avenue, Akron, OH 44313 (map)
in the Old Portage District of the Great Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America
Troop One Forms Page

Forms used by
  • Everyone
  • PLC and Patrol Leaders
  • Camping Committee and Scribes
  • Checklists for camping

Forms used by all.  Seasonal forms will be updated here when available.
Permission slips and information on each camp out are on the What's Happening Page
Summer Camp forms are on the Summer Camp Page
BSA national forms site can be accessed at this link
BSA Safety Forms can be accessed at this link
GTC forms (including Eagle and MB Counselor forms) can be accessed at this link

  1. Annual Health and Medical Record Form (680-001) from the National website.  (file type: fillable pdf).  These must be completed and tuned in to our Health and Safety coordinator.  If you want to print out only parts of the form read the instructions here.  A brief discussion of risk factors and prescriptions is on this page.
  2. Troop One Vehicle and Insurance Request form - If you drive on a campout, if you transport scouts that are not your children, you must have completed and signed one of these forms.  Our safety requirements are strict and this is held in confidence, but reported to the council on our tour planning request.  (file type: pdf)
  3. Service Hours Reporting form - this is a Troop designed form for all who participate in service projects.  (file type: pdf) If it is an individual service project the individual doing the service is responsible for completing it.  If it is a group project (patrol, troop, or Eagle project) then the person coordinating the project is responsible for completing it.  Turn it in to the scoutmaster.
  4. Troop Resource Survey should be completed by all adults willing to help out.  This is a primary way to indicate your interest in being a merit badge counselor or if you are willing to pull a trailer. (file type: pdf)
  5. Spring Flower Sale Order form (2012) (file tpe: pdf)
  6. Troop One Clothing and Logo Items order form is on the Troop One Store page. (file type: web/html)

Primarily used by PLC and Patrol Leaders
  1. Troop Meeting Plan (file type: pdf)
  2. Troop Meeting Plan (file type: doc)
  3. Campout planning form (file type: pdf)
  4. Campout planning form (file type: doc)
  5. Menu and Duty roster (file type: pdf)
  6. Patrol Membership list
    1. A patrol membership list is online without names and positions and rank. (file type: web/html)
    2. A checklist for each patrol can be requested in advance by a patrol leader to the scoutmaster or advancement chairman.  This will have names, contact information, positions and rank.  (Troopmaster hint:  Report / Scout unit general / General purpose worksheet / patrol checklist.  Filter Flaming Arrows through STAFF)
    3. Detailed rosters from the troop are protected.  All troop offices get a detailed list at troop leader training.   (Troopmaster hint:  Report / Scout unit general / Unit Roster.  Filter Flaming Arrows through STAFF)
  7. QM equipment request form (file type: pdf)
  8. Scribe Attendance Sheet (file type: pdf) (for half page click here)
  9. Outdoor Program Planning Checklist (file type: pdf)
  10. Campfire Program Planner (430-696WB)  (file type: fillable pdf)

Primarily used by the Camping Committee and adults in service to the troop / crew
  1. All information about each campout is maintained as we learn it on the What's Happening Page.
  2. Tour Planning Worksheet (680-014) (file type: pdf fillable)
  3. Scribe Travel Report (file type: pdf)
  4. Scribe travel Report (file type: doc)
  5. Check request (troop) (file type: pdf)
  6. Check request (crew) (file type: pdf)

Checklists for scouts
  1. What to bring on all trips - your Go Bag of the top Scout Essentials are on the Troop One Go Bag Page. (file type: web/html)
  2. What to bring to a Spring / Fall tent campout (file type: pdf)
  3. What to bring to a cold weather or winter campout (cabin or tent) (file type: pdf)
  4. What to bring to Summer Camp is on the Summer Camp page. (file type: pdf)

Report errors and suggestion to the Scoutmaster

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