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Cub Scout Den Ranks and Awards

Cub Scouts within a Pack are grouped according to Dens.  Which Den a particular boy is in is based on his age and elementary school grade level.  Cub Scouts can join a Pack at any level.  Each Cub Scout rank provides the Cub Scout with the opportunity to earn a badge of rank as well as additional achievement awards as described below:
Tigers:  Age 7/1st Grade -   The Cub Scout path begins with the Tiger Scout.  Tigers must learn the Cub Scout promise, sign, and salute, and then works toward attaining the Tiger Cub badge Tiger Cub Badge Once the Tiger Cub has learned the Cub Scout promise, sign and salute they earn their Tiger Cub emblem (shown to the right) which is worn on the right shirt pocket of his uniform as long as he is a Tiger.  Beads of different colors, attached to the Tiger Cub emblem, are awarded for Den Activities (orange) , Family Activities (white) and specific Den outings known as "Go-See-Its" (black).  Once the Tiger has earned five beads of each color he will receive his Tiger Cub badge. Tiger Cub Emblem
Wolves:  Age 8/2nd Grade - The Wolf Scout continues his Cub Scout path by first earning his Wolf badge.  This involves the completion of 12 specific achievements under the supervision of his parent or guardian.

Wolf Badge Once a Wolf Scout has earned his Wolf badge he can choose from a selection of over 100 Wolf elective projects.  Completing 10 elective Wolf projects earns the Cub Scout a Gold Arrow Point, worn on the uniform just beneath the Wolf badge.  Each additional 10 elective project the Cub Scout completes earns him a Silver Arrow Point. Arrow Points
Bears:  Age 9/3rd Grade - The Bear rank works basically like the Wolf, and Bears must complete 12 achievements out of a total of 24 divided into four groups in order to earn his Bear badge.  The achievements for the Bear badge are more difficult than those for Wolfe and the older Bear Scout will find them suitably challenging for his additional year of age. Bear Badge After earning his Bear badge, a Bear Scout can earn additional Arrow Points to wear under his Bear badge by completing Bear elective projects.
Webelos:  Age 10-11/4th-5th Grade - The Webelos rank completes the Cub Scout path and helps prepare the Webelo Scout to become a Boy Scout.   Three Webelo activity badges, including Fitness and Citizenship, are required to earn the Webelos badge. Webelos Badge Webelos work on all their activity badgerequirements during Den meetings as well as at home.  Once they have completed a requirement, they demonstrate their accomplishment at the Den meeting where the Den Leader will approve their activity badge awards. Activity badges are worn on the Webelos colors or cap.  After earning seven activity badges the Webelo earns the Compass Points emblem.  After that, each four activity badges earned also earns the Webelo a Compass Point to wear on the emblem. Webelos Compass
Arrow of Light
Arrow of Light

The Arrow of Light award is Cub Scouts highest honor and the requirements to earn this badge are lengthy and arduous.  A Cub Scout who earns the Arrow of Light badge is well prepared to advance into Boy Scouts.  Because of this, the Arrow of Light badge is the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform once the Cub Scout crosses over into a Boy Scout Troop.