Boy Scout Troop One is chartered to First Baptist Church, 1670 Shatto Avenue, Akron, OH 44313 (map)
in the Old Portage District of the Great Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America

Welcome to Leadership in Troop One

You are here because you have accepted the job of a leader for this six month period. This page takes the palce of all of that except the personal information which is still distributed on paper.

Contents of Training Notebook
This page is

0.0 Cover – for notebook
0.1 Cover - current officers

Section 1:  Personal information (all of the personal data is on google drive, you must ask the Scoutmaster for access)

1.1a Patrol Roster from
1.1b Roster of scouts by patrol
1.2 Partial Adult phone list
1.3 Troop Camping Record Participation Summary
1.4 Advancement Status 
1.5 Advancement to First Class

Section 2:  Program Year Information

2.1 Troop One Goals
2.1.1 Honor Patrol form
2.2 Troop One "One page Calendar"
2.3 Troop One Current Calendar

What's Happening Page

One page Annual Calendar

Google Calendar

Two websites to explore and use

      1. *NEW* Troop Leader Recources (
      2. *NEW* Troop Program Resources (
      3. Awards Central (All other awards) (

Forms that support the above websites

      1. Fillable Troop Meeting Planning Form (
      2. Fillable Scout Planning Worlskeet (

Big Changes in Boy Scouting

  1. Outdoor Ethics Awareness and Action Awards
  2. A Outdoor Ethics Guide position of responsibility is taking the palce of the LNT Instructor. (no details yet)
  3. Handy forms from new Unit Leader's Guidebook
  4. Cyber Chip - Earn by your grade 4-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

Section 3:  Forms for Troop Leaders (Examples of these forms are in Section 4.1)

        Please see website for these and more

    1. Troop 1 Meeting Plan (file type: pdf and doc)
    2. Campout planning form (file type: pdf and doc)
    3. Menu and Duty roster (file type: pdf)
    4. patrol membership list is online without names and positions and rank. (file type: web/html)
    5. A Patrol Checklist can be requested in advance by a patrol leader to the scoutmaster or advancement chairman.  This will have names, contact information, positions and rank.  (Troopmaster hint:  Report / Scout unit general / General purpose worksheet / patrol checklist.  Filter Flaming Arrows through STAFF)
    6. Detailed rosters from the troop are protected.  All troop offices get a detailed list at troop leader training.   (to update - Troopmaster hint:  Report / Scout unit general / Unit Roster.  Filter Flaming Arrows through STAFF)
    7. QM equipment request form (file type: pdf)
    8. Scribe Attendance Sheet (file type: pdf) (for half page click here)
    9. Outdoor Program Planning Checklist (file type: pdf)
    10. Campfire Program Planner (430-696WB)  (file type: fillable pdf)
    11. Service Hours Report form (file type: pdf)
    12. National Outdoor Awards Program (link, wb)
Section 4:  Training and Leadership Manual

4.0 Troop Training and Leadership Manual

4.1 Camping process list for QMs and the PLC

4.2 Patrol Leader Supplement [SPLs, TGs, PLs]

Section 5:  Policy Manual of Troop One

Section 6:  Strategic Directions from the Past Year  (Are at the end of the policy manual)

Other helpful links

The Troop Guide (from T1 site)
The Guide for Safe Scouting