Go with Crew 2001 to Pennsylvania

Get Your Monty Python and your Spamalot on!

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Join Crew 2001 for a Renaissance Faire during the NE region Venturing Summit near Pittsburgh at Heritage Scout Reservation April 19-21, 2013. There will be Larping, sword fighting instruction and info on making and using mock swords and armor. Saturday night is the fun and mock battle of the “Highland Games” and then the Canterbury Feast followed by a great party where you may wear your medieval finest.
Other more mundane activities include COPE, Handgun shooting, 3D archery, dance instruction (for the party), geocaching,  guitar hero, DDR, mountain biking, ultimate Frisbee, rifle shooting,  shotgun shooting, tomahawk throwing, canoeing, kayaking and more. All for $45 but if we act fast we can rent a 20 person house for $200.
Read  the link for more info. http://www.crventuring.org/cal_popup.php?ID=937
Deadline is payment (either $45 or $55 – we will let you know) is Tuesday March 12!  I know! A whole month before we go, but it is a national event so what do you say?
If yes, tell Mr. or Mrs Myers NOW and we will get a permission slip and other rules to you. (You will have to join the crew if not already a member of a Venturing Crew)

We are in a house: Is this a cabin?
Heritage cabin

Deadline to pay is March 12.  Text us if you want to go or email scoutingtogether@gmail.com and we will get back to you with the permission slip and rules.
The rules could be on the back of this flyer.

Rules for the Venturing Summit
Subject to change (a little)
Price is $45 for all your food and activities and the right to pitch your own tent. (or for $10 additional you can get a bunk bed in a house). 
If we have sufficient interest, the Crew 2001 Advisor will seek to rent a whole house which will be available to the first 20 persons that show up. 
Packing limited to one large duffle and day pack for space. All food is provided so no ‘patrol’ gear need go. If you are not in a house (read cabin) you will have to take your own tents.  We will take your chair if there is space, starting with the adults and working down the age list.
All attendees will get a patch and t-shirt provided by the NE Region Venturing Association.

1.       All Attendees must be registered in a Venturing Crew (no guests, no boy scouts not registered as a Venturer, no underage per their rules)

2.       We must have an activity consent form all Youth Venturers (if 18-20 you may sign your own form)

3.        All must have the new health form, parts A and B  - We must have a copy by Thurs April 4.  This is the NEW health form http://www.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/parts_ab. pdf (those going to the National Jamboree should do theirs online and print it out from the National Site.)  You do not need to see a doctor (part C) to attend the Venturing Summit.

4.        All youth and adults must complete youth protection training.

5.       Transportation is provided by Crew adults over 21, for exceptions talk to the Advisor.

6.        If anyone wants to canoe or kayak (brrrr), we must have proof of a valid swim test completed under the auspices of the BSA.

7.       Venturers are strongly encouraged to bring medieval costumes (leave room to pack your chain mail)

8.        Crew t-shirts or polo shirts are required (Green/Gray uniforms are not required, but you may wear them).  Crew shirts can be purchased for $10

9.       If you are into patch training this is a great opportunity to add to your collection, so stock up on some Great Trail Shoulder patches!"

Thursday March 7 – Money and permission slip due at the Venturing 2001 Crew Meeting. 
Tuesday March 12 - Money and permission slip will be accepted at the Troop One Meeting.   This is the FINAL DAY TO